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I'm a Registered Kinesiologist and Nutritionist.

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upside down on the top of a mountain, 14,000 feet in the air. i have never felt more exhausted and have never felt more alive.


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Anonymous asked : What do u suggest I do if I am really hungry at tonight but already ate all my calories and nothing seems to fill me up? It's been so frustrating these last couple days because I feel like nothing has been filling me up I've tried to eat more protein and fiber too but I'm still so hungry these last 2 days! ( I think because I'm about to start my cycle) but This doesn't help my weight loss! :(

Your body may be craving for more calories if you haven’t fed it enough, so first and foremost please ensure that you are taking in ENOUGH calories for your body! However, different things can also contribute to the body thinking it is hungry when it is not.  Chewing gum or sucking on an icecube is usually a good way to trick the body into thinking it’s being fed and doesn’t increase your calorie intake (well maybe 2 calories if you pick gum). Xoxo M

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